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Birthday Parties
(Kids Parties Too!)

For kids birthday parties (under 10 years old), we can accommodate toy axe throwing sets for them kiddos to enjoy!

Bring in your ice/cream cakes and we have sodas on-site.

Parents can indulge in a beer if they so choose!

For kids birthday parties (over 10 years old) they can actually participate in real axe throwing with adult supervision on-site.

Private Parties

Groups up to 50 people are fun for everyone.

Enjoy great local and craft beer options while learning to throw an axe like a Viking.

Book online today to hold an event at a venue that everyone will enjoy. No experience is necessary!

**250 Non-Refundable Deposit Required
• Under 20 People: $500 per hour
• Over 20 People: $600 per hour

Charity/Fundraiser Events

Structured to support local charities and fundraisers in our community.

You can set the price per person, and we can accept payments at the door.

75% of all event sales go to the charity/fundraiser being planned.

Any beverage/alcohol sales go to Longhouse.


We can accommodate catered food options from the many restaurants in the area.


Mama Mia’s Catering (they will come in advance of your event and setup from a selection of buffet options) – they will also offer to bring staff in to support this event if requested – you can email them at [email protected] or call at 508-747-4950 ext 208 and let them know you are setting up an event for Longhouse!


Across the street from Longhouse (we have bar code scanners on site or you can visit their site and order Pizzas ahead of your event!)


Next to Longhouse (connected via our shared hallway) – local bar food options and will support catering for your event!

Note – we do have 2 dart board sets that we can put up for your event in Lane 1 if you so choose!
For information or to schedule a Group or Event Contact: [email protected] or Call 508-747-7700