Add a little bit of spice to your axe throwing. The game is played just as Best of 10 but now balloons containing added incentives are added to the boards, these incentives can include multiplying your own score by 2, extra throws, extra points given, etc. But they can also sabotage you or your competitors’ score such as lose a throw, minus points, and many others. 


Let’s test your accuracy across the entire target, not just the bullseye. The game of poker is very simple, get the best hand of card you can (a key is the end of the description and rules of the game). On each target card will be taped in a random fashion, and the deck will be split between both targets, not one deck per target.


 This is your classic Connect-4 but now with axes! This version is played with 5 columns instead of 7, since there are only 5 boards that make a target. The baords of the targets represent the columns of a Connect-4 boards respectfully from left to right. Fisrt to get 4 in a row wins!